What Makes Us So Special

The good old days of media relations

Do you remember when all you had to do was send out a press release, make a follow-up call to a reporter, and if you had something ‘newsworthy’ to say there it was in black and white the next day?

The changing face of media

Well, we actually do remember back that far. But it became increasingly obvious that the Internet was changing the way people consumed and distributed news and information. The ‘spray and pray’ methodology common to wire services just wasn’t cutting it anymore. We also saw people take on more of a DIY spirit.

Our 'Light Bulb' Moment

We loved our jobs but we also knew we had to change the way we did things. It was at that point that we devised a website that allowed organizations of all shapes and sizes to access formatted press releases and to distribute them to an audience that wanted and needed the information.

Where did everyone go?

Fast-forward six years. Newsrooms have changed forever. Audiences are fragmented, deadlines are shorter, reporters are under increasing pressure and bloggers have entered the fray. What’s a marketer to do?


As the web’s only targeted news and publicity distribution service, The News Generator has helped countless clients package and send their organization’s news and information to a targeted list of journalists, bloggers and industry analysts on five continents.

The News Generator is based in Toronto, Canada and it employs an experienced staff of dedicated media relations professionals.


It has never been a better time to be a PR practitioner. This is an age of infinite possibility - the intersection of public relations, social media and marketing. Organizations that invest in PR gain a competitive advantage by building relationships with journalists, bloggers and industry analysts and I think it’s safe to say that they ultimately make better connections with their customers.

Kevin O'Doherty, Founder and CEO

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