Spread the word - reach out to a bigger audience.

Whether your audience is just around the corner or halfway around the world, we've got you covered. Choose from the distribution options below and we'll work with you to create a targeted list of media professionals specific to your needs.

Every account includes the ability to easily create beautiful releases and attach rich media like photos, audio and video. No matter which package you choose, you'll gain access to timely, meaningful analytics and ongoing media monitoring. We'll also share your content with our growing network of news makers via social media and give it a permanent home in The Newsroom.

Common Questions

How do you select my targeted list?

Your list is selected from our extensive media contact list which has been vetted for integrity on a continuous basis. We go to great lengths to ensure that every name on our list is an actual person capable of making your story shine. We've had over 30 years in the PR industry and have amassed an impressive contact list as part of our value to you.

Do you come from a PR background?

Absolutely. That's exactly why we're able to recgonize that the way PR is being done today is a bit broken. Which is why we created The News Generator — to make PR easy for anyone that hasn't spent 30 years doing it the old fashioned way.

How much does The News Generator cost?

Our online-only plan will always be completely free. If you need to reach inboxes of influencers, bloggers, or journalists, then choose one of our paid plans, starting as low as $30.00.