July 3 2014

Keeping your mouth shut (why you shouldn’t do it)

Conversation is crucial and as a business owner, the goal is to keep people talking. You want them to think of your name first when your industry comes up in conversation. You want them to trust you as leaders in your field and to feel confident in the services or expertise that you offer. No one starts out in an industry to remain hidden, but rather to be seen and to become a household name.

The best marketing you can get is through word of mouth. Nowadays that can look like online reviews, news articles highlighting your company, blog posts and yes, regular face-to-face conversations. Whatever the medium, it is absolutely critical that you remain engaged in these conversations, and a well-timed, well-written press release is a great way to do so.

When the conversation heads south

As the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad publicity. While this is technically true (think of the Chik-Fil-A controversy in 2012 and how their sales soared afterwards), we are firm believers that the distinction between no “bad” publicity and real “good” publicity is an important one. If ever the conversation surrounding your company starts to turn sour, it is important for you to be aware and engaged. By neglecting to partake in these conversations, you miss important opportunities to turn potential bad press into positive press and to help the public become better acquainted with your company.

We live in a viral world. Word spreads faster than ever and by meeting any negative talk head-on, you show those involved in the conversation (and those observing it) that: 1) You have nothing to hide and 2) You care deeply about the concerns of those involved. By ignoring the conversation, you give others the power to define who you are and what it is that you do – no matter how mistaken or misinterpreted that may be!

Take any negative conversations as an opportunity to show who you really are. Sending out a responsive press release will help you to get back on the track towards positive conversations.

When things are going your way

Our hope is the that the opposite is true and that people can’t stop talking about you for great reasons. We know that you hope the same! If, and when, this is the case, enjoy your moment – soak it in a bit and know that your hard work is paying off. And then, respond.

Never underestimate the power of the consumer’s voice. By engaging their conversation (whether via press releases, social media, or a company blog), you show that you see them as much as they see you. Press releases are a perfect way to show that you care about their opinions and needs – and are continuing to find ways to improve what you do.

Stay aware

By staying actively involved in the conversation about your business, you stay aware of the trends in your industry, as well as stay aware of how people perceive you. This is a great asset towards growth. Knowing how you are seen will help you better build your company to be successful in your industry with your consumer demographic. By remaining silent, you risk falling behind the curve, losing sight of growth opportunities, and focusing your attention internally, neglecting the people you’re trying to reach.

If there is a conversation happening, it’s happening with or without you. However, if you choose to enter in, you have the chance to bring positive exposure and build trust within that community. At the News Generator, we want to see conversations happening about you and your business, as well! We believe that being engaged in this dialogue is crucial for building momentum as you continue to grow your business. So, how have you participated in the conversation lately?

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