Reach a Targeted Audience

The explosion of social media means your audience is everywhere. Use customized, targeted media lists to speak to your demographic where they get their news and information.

Reach Major News Outlets

Mainstream media opportunities still exist.
Pitch the right news to the right outlet. Make the most of your distribution by attaching meaningful images, video and infographics.



Know, Don’t guess

Your media relations efforts should involve a great deal more than just guesswork. Analytics will give you the power to track your media outreach efforts all 'under one roof'.

Target, Distribute and Monitor

You already know how much you spend on your marketing and media outreach. Now you can get real-time content monitoring. All for the same low price.

Rich Media

Rich Media

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Well, almost.
Use photos, video and infographics to tell your story in the most compelling manner possible. Visuals help to make your content stand out as well as social and shareable.

Social Media

Social Media

Influence the influencers

Social media will continue to define public relations. Social is an added conduit to your audience as much as it is about sentiment and about sharing.

Amplify Your Reach

Social media aside, the web is also becoming increasingly multicultural and multi-lingual. Share your news locally, nationally and internationally.


SEO Friendly

Drive Organic, high quality, back links

Consider the creation of original, quality content as integral to your SEO building efforts.

Your News keeps working for you

Creating SEO-friendly copy is key to building and maintaining a lasting web presence for your company's news and information. SEO optimization brings your news to the top of the search engine results reaching an even wider audience.

Easy Editor

Easy Editor

Craft Your Content

The step-by-step self-publishing module puts you in charge of how your news release will look and when it will be distributed, giving you the ultimate control.

Don't Think About Your Tools, Just Write Great News

There is no doubt that a picture tells a thousand words. But the words you use are still important. The press release builder helps you to focus on creating optimized and reliable copy - every time.