Public Relations

June 12 2014

Why you should read publications regularly

screenshot of different tech publications

When your goal is for your business or organization to appear in publications, which we’re assuming it is, it’s probably a good idea to know a little bit about these … Read More

June 6 2014

PR in a disruptive business

Man with a trumpet

We know firsthand that startups start for a reason. Often, this reason is that the founders see something in their industry that they think needs changing, improvement, or just an … Read More

May 20 2014

Have you demonstrated your expertise lately?

Typewriter deconstructed to show parts

In the entrepreneurial world, most business owners start their business because they’re passionate about what they do. Let’s face it. Entrepreneurship is a long haul if you don’t care about … Read More

May 14 2014

What journalists want from PR people – 5 quick tips

Most of us are surrounded by clutter. Our inboxes are jammed, we are inundated with social media and we are marketed to at every turn. As small business people, breaking … Read More

April 16 2014

Stories vs. Advertisements

It’s every business owner’s or PR professional’s dream that a giant publication writes a front page profile on their business, including everything from the story of its founding to its … Read More

April 10 2014

How well does your press release really perform?

statistics about your news release

Most businesses sending out their own press releases, and even some PR professionals, really don’t know how to answer that question. If a story you pitched to a major daily … Read More

August 24 2012

Free PR Or, You Get What You Pay For

I recently received a note from someone who was described to me as ‘a very talented, plugged in, social media marketer’. He wrote: “We are using and a few other (free) … Read More

August 24 2012

Spray and Pray

I was at a social gathering recently when the inevitable “and what do you do?” question was lobbed at me. I always find such questions quite awkward in social situations, … Read More