May 14 2014

What journalists want from PR people – 5 quick tips

Most of us are surrounded by clutter. Our inboxes are jammed, we are inundated with social media and we are marketed to at every turn.

As small business people, breaking through the noise is very, very difficult. Using a press release is an effective way to get the right information into the right hands.

Here are 5 things you can do to improve your chances of getting news pick up:

  1. Make sure that your media release contains one of the news values. If you aren’t sure what those are, have a look here.
  2. Make sure that your media release is sent to the right audience and that the journalists you target actually cover your industry. If you use our service, we will help build and maintain a pertinent media list for you.
  3. Make sure that the information is timely – it’s called “news” for a reason.
  4. Make sure that the information you provide is accurate and that it is honest.
  5. Make sure that the information you present is well organized (think like a reporter) and that it is free of spelling or grammatical errors. If you want more hints on the 5Ws and journalistic style have a look here.

Building and maintaining good relationships with the media is an important part of your overall PR and marketing strategy.

Ask us how you can use media relations to build awareness for your organization.