May 14 2013

What does a press release look like?

Press releases (or media releases) continue to be the method of choice for organizations that want to “tell their story”.

Nowadays, effective media releases use more than just words. By including photos, videos and MP3, you can engage the audience and make the story interactive and “shareable”.

Whether your market is across the street, or halfway around the world, a media release can get into the hands of more people – faster.

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Some important things to remember about writing press releases:

  •  Does it answer the 5 journalistic Ws? (Who, what, where, when and why/how)

Do this in the 1st paragraph so that even if people don’t read any further, at least they have the most important elements of your story – the “meat and potatoes” if you will.

  •  Is your information important to the reader? Is it news? Or is it just an ad in disguise?

Editors will not publish your advertising but they will consider news and information relevant to their audience.

  •  Will the reader benefit from it?

Create interesting, newsworthy and timely information.

  •  Is it short and to the point?

Editorial departments are working with less staff and shorter deadlines. Make the information easy to read.

  •  Does it fit the intended audience type?

Make sure the information is factual and that it fits with the media type (consumer vs. trade. Print vs. electronic or online)

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