Jun 29 2015

Children's Entertainer Tackles The Subject Of Bullying

Who: Upon A Star Books Inc. | What: Summer fun for children
Where: TORONTO | WHEN: June 29th - August 31st, 2015
Aunty B Gets Set To Give Everyone A Show This Summer

Toronto, ON - Tuesday, May 12, 2015 - Performer Khalilah Brooks, known to children as Aunty B, is getting ready to perform across the GTA this summer. Khalilah’s company B-AM Children’s Entertainment takes children on a “theatrical journey” to enable them with the life tools that will teach them to have respect for themselves and others.

As someone who grew up in foster care and dealt with dyslexia, she was bullied at a young age. She went on to complete her education and became a child and youth worker. However, with her love of acting and singing, she combined all her skills to create B-AM. Now she is able to help children and youth, but through song and dance.

With her programming, she hopes to help decrease bullying in schools and daycares.
“Aunty B stands for Anti-Bullying,” Khalilah explains to a class of excited seven year olds, an age group who is already familiar with bullying.

Canada has seen a heightened awareness on bullying, as it seems more children are being subjected to it. But with the help of dedicated people like Khalilah, hopefully that number will decrease, one performance at a time.

To find out more about the woman behind Aunty B, or for more information on her summer shows and programs visit www.auntyb.ca.

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