Mar 26 2015

Debunking the 3 Most Common Work-Life Balance Myths

Who: Upon A Star Books Inc. | What: Work-Life Balance
Where: Toronto | WHEN: March 26th, 2015
Popular Australian-born Author Offers Concrete Tips on How to Achieve Balance

TORONTO, ON – March 26, 2015 – Everyday it seems that we are inundated with the mantra of “Work-Life Balance” and ways to achieve it. Even popular job search sites are hopping on the bandwagon. According to these sites, the concept has had a far-reaching effect on how job searches are conducted. “In a candidate study by Accenture in 2013, more than half of respondents (52%) said they have actually turned down a job due to concerns about the impact on their work-life balance" (Source: Workopolis). 
Overall, attaining "Work-Life Balance" can be a struggle for people to achieve because there are so many misconceptions surrounding it. The truth is, it is more attainable than we think.

“Finding your voice and creating the work-life balance that is best for you is the most important thing you can do for yourself,” says Terence Wallis, consultant and author of Indelible Adventures. “Rather than thinking of it as work-life balance perhaps we should recast it as in pursuit of balancing personal happiness with a sense of profound fulfillment”, he adds.

Once you are able to debunk the myths surrounding work-life balance, you have a chance at something greater: overall life balance.

Wallis lays out three popular work-life balance myths:

• Hours worked equals productivity
• We need to respond to every request/email
• Employers control work-life balance

Wallis suggests that we generally don’t need to be working long hours to provide our best value; that we are always connected and “on” so start learning to unplug; and finally the only person who controls work-life balance is us! We need to start advocating on our own behalf to make it a reality.

Wallis came to these conclusions after he made Partner with a Global Management Consulting firm. After all the hours of work, a million air-miles and being the constant absent parent he had finally gotten what he had been striving for, but it came with a high cost.

One month later his dad was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and only had months to live.  Spending the last six months with his dad before his passing allowed Wallis to realize that he had been neglecting his personal happiness and his family for years, while climbing the corporate latter.

“You need to define what things are important to you in life and strive to include those things no matter what,” Wallis says.

So perhaps finding balance that will help achieve happiness in life is as easy as finding out what matters most.

About Terence Wallis
Terence Wallis was born in rural Australia, and traveled the world before eventually settling in Toronto, Canada.  This reluctant writer has become one of the most celebrated writers on the Internet, reaching over 100,000 readers on his blog Indelible Adventures, and has a book of the same name.
Terence recently launched his new business (Indelible Adventures Inc.) that incorporates his writing, photography, speaking and his extensive travel expertise into a single experience.
He is a committed and dynamic father of two growing teenagers whom he adores and travels with as often as possible.
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