Mar 18 2015

Khalilah Brooks Shows the City That It “Feels Good to Be Kind”

Who: Aunty B | What: Tour
Where: Toronto | WHEN: March 18th - March 25th, 2015
Brooks takes her character 'Aunty B' on a city-wide TOUR

TORONTO, Ontario March 18, 2015 – Author and performer Khalilah Brooks, also known as 'Aunty B' has taken the Feels Good to Be Kind Tour across the city of Toronto. She has brought smiles to children across the GTA, including places like the Red Door Family Shelter, Yorkville Toronto Public Library and Jane Dundas Toronto Public Library. “My life experiences and journey led me to [the character Aunty B] to help and inspire children,” says Khalilah. Her shows include life-size puppetry and tackle various issues such as bullying and overcoming a learning disability.

Nearing the end of her tour, today at 11:30am Khalilah is taking the time out to meet up with twenty of her young fans. It’s March Break, so she has arranged for her fans to have a tour with her at one of Toronto’s Fire Stations. Once the half-an-hour tour is finished, she will be treating her "groovy fans" to McDonald’s, which is sure to put plenty of smiles on their faces.

Next up, Khalilah will be heading to The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) on March 25 to perform one of her live shows in their library department.

When people ask Khalilah about the tour she tells them, “I’m doing this tour because it feels so good to be kind” and that’s the message she hopes stays with all the children she performs for.

About Khalilah Brooks
After becoming the lead female performer at Famous PEOPLE Players Theatre in Toronto, Khalilah is now the founder of B-AM Children’s Entertainment. Her company does musical theater story telling and she plays the lead character Aunty B ( Through her character portrayal of Aunty B she teaches children how to love themselves and others. One of her plays has now been turned into a sing-along book, “Feels Good to Be Kind.”


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