April 10 2013

Reasons to send out a press release







We often get asked about some of the main reasons an organization might send out a press release. So we thought we would include a list of some of the top things that constitute news. Real-life examples from our newsroom are hyperlinked:

  1. New product, service or app
  2. New website or significant upgrade to existing website
  3. Speaking engagements
  4. Exhibiting at a trade show
  5. Financial or earnings update
  6. Supporting a charity
  7. Releasing findings of new study or research
  8. Commentary on or tie-ins to current events
  9. Receiving an award
  10. Celebrating an important company milestone (10 years in business or 1,000,000 customers)
  11. Opening a new location or office
  12. Changing the company or product name, rebranding
  13. Signing a large, well-recognized client
  14. Sponsoring an event or team
  15. Partnering with another business or organization
  16. Hiring a new executive or changing ownership of the company
  17. Announcing personnel change: retirement, resignation or death
  18. Changing the way your products are made
  19. Changing the prices of your products or services especially if you’re reducing prices
  20. Developing a new technology or unique procedure for your industry
  21. Hosting a major contest, sweepstakes or promotion
  22. Publishing findings of a recent report, survey or poll
  23. Filing of a lawsuit, responding to being named in a lawsuit or winning a lawsuit
  24. Providing pro bono work
  25. Speaking at a conference or event
  26. Initial public offering (IPO), mergers or acquisitions or other structural changes
We hope this list gives you some ideas for your business. Of course, there are many more reasons to send out a press release. If you have any ideas or just want to ask a question, we are always here to help