May 20 2014

Have you demonstrated your expertise lately?

In the entrepreneurial world, most business owners start their business because they’re passionate about what they do. Let’s face it. Entrepreneurship is a long haul if you don’t care about what you’re doing – heck, it’s a long haul even when you do!

But as the busyness of running a company takes over and a small team of people are in charge of everything from daily operations to marketing and PR, remembering why the business was conceived in the first place isn’t always in the front of your mind. Interestingly, going back to the passion and expertise that started your business can be the best thing you can do for your PR strategy.

Everyone needs an expert

Journalists are both writers and researchers. They need to dig up the information as well as present it in an easy-to-understand and accurate way. Good journalists are ones with large lists of expert sources they’re always adding to, using this body of knowledge to bring background information, new analysis, and balanced opinions to their stories.

Sometimes, these experts are university professors or doctors, but many times, these experts are business owners or specialists in their respective fields. They are the people interacting with their industry every day, up on the most current news, and ready with the kind of information a journalist might need.

Flexing your industry muscles

Press releases are a great way to demonstrate your knowledge, especially if it relates to a current trend or news item. Crafting a well-written analysis of an event in your industry or even a particular story you’ve seen published might just grab a reporter’s attention. Even if they aren’t interested in what you have to say immediately, if you’ve impressed them with your expertise, you might make it onto their list of resources to draw from the next time they need a specialist’s opinion.

As we’ve mentioned in past posts, press isn’t always going to come in the form of a giant feature about your business, but it sure could be a quote from your founder, requested because they have incredible insight into a particular issue a reporter is writing about.

If you’re reading this post and have all kinds of expertise you would love to show off, but don’t know how to spread the word, check out how The News Generator works. It’s our job to take what you’ve written and pass it along to top media sources, getting the word out about who you are and what field you’re an expert in.

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