Start Ups

November 20 2014

Why you’re pitching all wrong


What are the worst PR pitches you’ve gotten? A tech reporter got a pitch to cover an event in Sweden called ‘Santa, the master of his craft’ — Poynter (@Poynter) … Read More

October 15 2014

How to pitch a true problem solver


When pitching your product to press, or anyone really, you want to keep in mind that consumers want to know how their own lives will be positively affected by what … Read More

August 28 2014

Fads: When to jump on a bandwagon

clock face

No one wants to be a fad in the business world. In fact, the word “fad” comes across, at times, as a dirty word when you’re hoping for longevity in … Read More

August 16 2014

Humin: The anatomy of a product feature

mall scene

We’ve talked a lot about the common PR goal of seeing your company front and center in an article, but haven’t gone deeper into what one of those articles really … Read More

August 6 2014

“The BEST EVER” is simply not true


Avoiding jargon and using proper style in your press releases A few months ago, I was at an early morning market and saw a sign advertising “The best coffee” at … Read More

June 6 2014

PR in a disruptive business

Man with a trumpet

We know firsthand that startups start for a reason. Often, this reason is that the founders see something in their industry that they think needs changing, improvement, or just an … Read More