January 6 2015

3 ways to get publicity for your business in 2015

According to Nielsen, 92% of global consumers trust earned media "above all other forms of advertising."

For small and medium-sized business owners, the start of a new year presents an opportunity to think about growth strategies. Marketing is one of the drivers of your business growth, … Read More

August 16 2014

Humin: The anatomy of a product feature

mall scene

We’ve talked a lot about the common PR goal of seeing your company front and center in an article, but haven’t gone deeper into what one of those articles really … Read More

August 6 2014

“The BEST EVER” is simply not true


Avoiding jargon and using proper style in your press releases A few months ago, I was at an early morning market and saw a sign advertising “The best coffee” at … Read More

May 20 2014

Have you demonstrated your expertise lately?

Typewriter deconstructed to show parts

In the entrepreneurial world, most business owners start their business because they’re passionate about what they do. Let’s face it. Entrepreneurship is a long haul if you don’t care about … Read More

May 14 2014

What journalists want from PR people – 5 quick tips

Man Typing on His Laptop

Most of us are surrounded by clutter. Our inboxes are jammed, we are inundated with social media and we are marketed to at every turn. As small business people, breaking … Read More